Göran Scharmer

“For his pioneering work to reveal the sun in a radically new way. He has succeeded in making visible what was previously hidden from us. His unique close-up images of the sun combine research of outstanding quality with aesthetic beauty.” Astronomer and solar physicist Göran Scharmer (b. 1951) has succeeded in revealing the sun’s fascinating…
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David Barlow

“With ingenuity and technical innovation, he blends science and animation to clarify life’s various functions.” Filmmaker and biosciences researcher David Barlow (b. 1952) has been recognized for outstanding scientific photography for his work on the seven-part documentary series, The Human Body, which first aired on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) One in 1998 and was later…
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Oliver Meckes and Nicole Ottawa

“For using and extending the technology developed by Lennart Nilsson himself.” Oliver Meckes (b. 1963) and Nicole Ottawa (b. 1965), a photographer and biologist respectively, have revealed what would otherwise be invisible. As a team in science photography, they use such equipment as a scanning electron microscope to create medical, biological and technological images. In…
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David Doubile

“For taking his camera to previously unexplored submarine places and revealing hitherto invisible phenomena.” David Doubilet (b. 1946) earns distinction as one of the world’s most celebrated underwater photographers. Doubilet displays a clear aspiration to create images that are unique and reveal the world underwater in new, visually arresting ways. His self-imposed challenge is “to…
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David Malin

“For developing the Malinization enhancement procedure – a significant advance in photographic astronomy.” British-born David Malin (b. 1941), arguably the foremost astronomical photographer in the world, has been distinguished with the Lennart Nilsson Award for developing innovative image-enhancement techniques, known as Malinization. These techniques enabled Malin to enhance very faint features on photographic plates affording…
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James Henderson

For his work to reveal significantly faded Indian pictographs by developing the cross-polarized enhancement procedure.” Biomedical photographer James Henderson (b. 1945) has been honored with the Lennart Nilsson Award for his work using advanced optical technology with artificial light sources and polarized light. In doing so, Henderson has been able to reveal ancient Indian pictographs…
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Nils Åslund

“For his innovative use of the confocal laser-scanning microscope to obtain three-dimensional images in cell biology.” Swedish inventor Nils Åslund (b. 1931), Professor of Physics at the Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), has been recognized for his pioneering contributions to developing optical and mechanical components for the confocal laser scanning microscope. His…
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