“Timothy Behrens, Professor of Computational Neuroscience at the University of Oxford is awarded the Lennart Nilsson Prize for crucial efforts for the advancement of diffusion MRI, a technique for creating high resolution images of the architecture of the human brain.” Diffusion MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) makes it possible to image how water molecules move around…
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Hans Blom

“To promote the eternal quest in science photography to see what no one else has seen before.” Researcher Hans Blom (b. 1968), PhD, Associate Professor of Biological Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), has been recognized for his pioneering work in and commitment to developing further super-resolution microscopy and its applications in life…
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Nancy Kedersha

“Nancy Kedersha’s color images open our eyes to the smallest components of life. Through her work she has pushed cell biology into new scientific, pedagogical and aesthetic realms. With the aid of a confocal microscope, she has turned biological data into an artistic experience.” Harvard Medical School cell biologist and researcher Nancy Kedersha (b. 1951),…
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Kenneth Libbrecht

“Kenneth Libbrecht’s images open people’s eyes to the regularity and beauty of nature with his photographs of snowflakes, which turn mathematics, physics and chemistry into images of great beauty.” California Institute of Technology’s Chairman of the Department of Physics and Professor of Physics Kenneth Libbrecht (b. 1958), PhD, has been honored for his extraordinary images…
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Babak A. Tafreshi

“Babak A. Tafreshi is to receive the prize for reclaiming a night sky that most modern people have lost, taking us to remote places where the stars still look like they did at the dawn of mankind. His work calls to mind the beauty of the universe and human life on our planet.” Teheran-born photographer,…
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Carolyn Porco

“Carolyn Porco combines the finest techniques of planetary exploration and scientific research with aesthetic finesse and educational talent. While her images, which depict the heavenly bodies of the Saturn system with unique precision, serve as tools for the world’s leading experts, they also reveal the beauty of the universe in a manner that is an…
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Anders Persson

“Anders Persson’s imaging methods combine the use of cutting-edge technology with clear communication value, accomplished with an artistic sensibility. He reveals the hidden mysteries of the body with unique precision, producing images that can be comprehended and interpreted by the lay audience as well as the expert alike.” Director of the Center for Medical Image…
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Felice Frankel

“Those viewing Ms. Frankel’s images are initially captivated by their form and color. No sooner is their curiosity aroused than they want to know what the photograph depicts. She has thus fulfilled a scientific reporter’s paramount task: to awaken people’s interest and desire to learn.” Research scientist and science photographer Felice Frankel (b. 1945) has…
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Satoshi Kuribayashi

“Using humour, empathy, beauty and unsurpassed precision he depicts both the insects themselves and their environments in fascinating video and still imagery. His images provide a new perspective on one of the Earth’s many ecosystems where human beings and insects prove to have unexpectedly much in common.” Japanese nature photographer Satoshi Kuribayashi (b. 1939) has…
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Frans Lanting

“Frans Lanting is given the prize for having zealously and over many years illustrated in pictures the wonders of nature. He takes his camera where few others venture, revealing what was previously invisible. He has a visible urge to craft his pictures in a unique way, and the results are intimate, grand, elegant and simultaneously…
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